digital twin for seismic exploration
Efficient monitoring of areal surveying work
D-Seis —
ОReal-time monitoring of field work to ensure high quality geophysical information
Manage the full production cycle: from planning to collecting results
Manage all levels of project decision-making by employees in a single digital space, from top managers to workers on the ground
Improving quality
Speeding up processes
Process transparency
Three principles of D-Seis
quality data
up to 100%
up to 20%
reduction in project lead time
up to 40 million
in savings on performed field work
D-Seis implementation results
Key advantages

All of the important modules in a single system

  • Cartographic engine
    Management tools for exploration maps and plans and diagrams with 2D and 3D elevation models
  • ALS data processing and utilization
    Tool for building 3D terrain and forest stand relief models based on airborne laser scanning data
  • Real-Time Monitoring
    Video analytics, risk analysis, and accident prevention based on drone video
  • Web and mobile versions
    Quick access to statistics and analytics for all operational parameters in real time from anywhere in the world using the mobile app
  • Document management
    Automated project documentation designer
  • Intelligent assistant
    Digital algorithms can significantly reduce the time needed for information analysis and improve the quality of decisions made by geologists
  • Flexible role assignments
    Assign access to only the software modules that customer and service company representatives need
  • Gantt charting
    Project management with visualization of planned deadlines and actual completion dates
  • Dynamic dashboards
    Key information in the form of graphs, indicators, and tips at each stage of the process
Work planning
The system allows you to carry out the full cycle of design work, including both in the field and office. Save all of your important information about the project and get recommendations during the process: the timeline tells you what step should come next, and the dashboard widgets display the most up-to-date information.
Due to a unified digital space and a developed sighting mechanism, D-Seis accelerates parameter coordination and documentation processes.
Digital expert review during the decision-making stage
The system analyzes data from similar projects in the past and offers advice concerning the required scope of resources and time.
The flexible role assignments allow you to divide the workspace in accordance with user-assigned goals so that employees are not distracted by irrelevant tasks and events. At the same time, the system allows for establishing communication channels between the customer and service companies. Messages and exchanged documents and decisions are recorded and logged by the system automatically.
The system analyzes the received surveys, consolidates the obtained results, and notifies all participants in the process if the values do not meet the reference values.
Automated quality control
Tracking field work
The processing of airborne laser scanning data and generation of information layers allow you to optimally plan and adjust your field seismic studies.
ALS data processing and utilization


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